Creaworld International Pte Ltd ('Creaworld') is a specialist in supplying (trading) and the Original Design Manufacturer of "Max" Educational Learning Aids, Teaching Tools and Toys. Creaworld designs and patents its own suite of educational tools, aids and toys for both the local and overseas markets. It also pro-actively direct markets its products to Primary Schools, Kindergartens and Pre-School Centres. 

The company vision is to design, build and produce “experiential learning” tools, aids and toys to help teachers teach and coach and students learn with greater understanding and confidence. The products help students to engage and experience new ways of learning, such that it is indelible. The new learning experience, from assignments to “experiential learning” will be a quantum leap over the traditional teaching methods in our primary and pre-school classrooms. 

We have been working closely with Primary Schools in Singapore to design Singaporean educational tools to complement the demanding education system. These products have been well received and widely used by teachers in the schools.

Max educational products are series of toys, aids and tools that nurture, inspire and encourage learning through exploration and discovery. Max products are designed to guide the child toward independence in his pursuit for knowledge and to develop a love of learning by stimulating his imagination and inspiring logical thinking and creativity. They lay the foundation for the development of self-help skills in the unending adventure in learning – one that inspires a lifetime of discovery.

Max learning aids and tools are self-help materials that help children visualize difficult concepts. These aids make learning easy by providing hands-on contact with concrete models that help bring abstract concepts to life and allow children to learn with deeper understanding and confidence. 

Max toys are designed to fulfil the intellectual and physical development needs of young children. These visually stimulating toys encourage children to explore, investigate, create and satisfy their natural curiosity about the world around them. Elementary concepts of colours, languages, mathematics and science are introduced in a fun and unthreatening manner. Fine motor skills and better coordination of the young mind and body are developed in the process.